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Mir chronology


1986: Tale of two space stations

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First expedition to Mir

The original piece of the Mir space station, known as the core module, blasted off from Baikonur on February 20, after a four-day delay caused by problems with a telemetry transmission device.

The first crew, including Leonid Kizim and Vladimir Soloviev followed the new station into space onboard the Soyuz T-15 spacecraft three weeks later. During their expedition, Kizim and Soloviev made a two-way trip between Mir and the soon-to-be-retiring Salyut-7 space station. The Soyuz T-15 undocked from Mir on May 5, 1986, and a day later docked at the Salyut-7-Cosmos-1686 dual complex, after a series of orbital maneuvers.

During the crew's absence on Mir, the unmanned Soyuz TM spacecraft docked at the station for a two-day orbital flight test.

After 50 days onboard Salyut-7, the crew undocked Soyuz T-15 from the station on June 25, 1986, and one day later redocked at Mir. (160)

During this unique operation, around 360 kilograms of equipment was shipped from the retiring Salyut-7 station to the brand-new Mir. (52)


Missions to Mir in 1986:

Feb. 20
2001 March 23
March 13
July 16
Soyuz T-15
Leonid Kizim, Vladimir Soloviev
March 19
April 20
April 23
June 23
May 21
May 30
Soyuz TM

*Deorbit date for Progress vehicles and Mir modules


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The Proton rocket lifts the core module of the Mir space station into orbit. Credit: RKK Energia

The core module of the Mir space station in orbit. Credit: RKK Energia

The landing of the Soyuz T-15 spacecraft on July 16, 1986. Credit: Sovetskiy Soyuz magazine

The crew of the Soyuz T-15 spacecraft, flight engineer Vladimir Soloviev (left) and commander Leonid Kizim speak to reporters immediately after landing. Credit: Sovetskiy Soyuz magazine