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A special detachable habitation module, BO, borrowed from the Soyuz spacecraft would be mounted behind the reentry capsule, rather then in front of it, as in the Soyuz spacecraft. The habitation module would contain docking hardware, toilet and other life-support systems.

In turn, the habitation module, OA, was surrounded by a doughnut-shaped instrument and systems module, PAO, containing orbital maneuvering and attitude-control system and, originally, a power-supply system based on solar panels.

During 2004, solar panels had been abandoned in favor of fuel cells, located in the fuselage and powered by cryogenically cooled liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen.

The propulsion system will burn the mix of UDMH and nitrogen tetroxide. The habitation module/service module combination would be jettisoned from the reentry capsule after the braking maneuver to return to Earth, as it now done onboard the Soyuz spacecraft.

In 2005, some of the functions of the habitation and propulsion module were transferred to a separately launched Parom space tug, while the BO/PAO module was eliminated from the design to save weight and allow the launch of the Kliper onboard the Soyuz-2-3 rocket. However the section apparently "re-appeared" in the design, which RKK Energia submitted to the government tender for the future reusable spacecraft initiated in January 2006.

RKK Energia returned to the use of the section, since conditions of the tenders required a single spacecraft design, rather than a "system."





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The interior view of the habitation module of the Kliper spacecraft looking toward the tail-facing docking port of the vehicle. Copyright © 2005 Anatoly Zak

The development version of the toilet for the Kliper spacecraft originally located inside the habitation module. Copyright © 2005 Anatoly Zak

The inside view of the main window in the habitation module onboard Kliper. Copyright © 2005 Anatoly Zak

A control panel designed to equalize pressure in the docking port originally located in the habitation module. Copyright © 2005 Anatoly Zak

A receiver and a manual pump of the water supply system. A water tank is below on the right. Both were originally located in the habitation module. Copyright © 2005 Anatoly Zak