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Spacecraft processing building, MIK KA

Clearly built for the future, the large spacecraft processing building in Vostochny was designed to prepare and check payloads before their integration with the launch vehicle. The the facility was directly connected to a fueling station, where satellites could be loaded with hazardous propellants.

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Planned layout of the spacecraft processing building in Vostochny. The processing area for the Fregat stage is in the middle left; A super-clean room for spacecraft is on the right (foreground).

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The spacecraft processing building in Vostochny has several specialized work sites for processing and handling various satellites, Fregat and Volga space tugs and entire rocket payload sections integrated under their fairings. The 8,640-square-meter facility was equipped with high level of climate control and filtration systems to ensure clean environment for sensitive sensors onboard the spacecraft at R8 level.

A pair of 50-ton cranes built in St. Petersburg was mounted 34 meters above the floor and span 42 meters across the entire building.

The original layout of the hall completed in 2016 included five work sites to service the spacecraft and Volga upper stage as well as Fregat. All of them would fly on top of the Soyuz-2 rocket. Specialized scaffolding, known as work sites, would enclose the spacecraft enabling engineers to access various systems onboard satellite during testing. Work sites were developed by KB Motor in Moscow.

In February 2017, the TsENKI ground infrastructure division of Roskosmos announced that its teams had began the installation of equipment for the Fregat upper stage at the launch and processing facilities in Vostochny. The processing and checkout systems manufactured by NPO lavochkin were being installed at the command post, the Soyuz launch complex and the processing building. The work was scheduled to be completed before the end of April 2017.

A separate clean-room facility with its own climate-control systems to provide P8 sterility level was also built inside MIK KA.

The main assembly hall of the building is flanked by seven floors of 750 administrative and support rooms.

The spacecraft processing building in Vostochny was equipped with its own Intranet with 22 routers and 945 outlets, connected by a total of 80 kilometers of wires.


An internal view of the processing building for spacecraft in Vostochny in 2015, before the installation of work place partitions.


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A completed spacecraft processing building in Vostochny at the end of 2015. Credit: Russian government


The spacecraft processing building, MIK KA, was directly connected to the fueling station for satellites. Credit: Oleg Urusov



Interior of the spacecraft processing building in Vostochny at the end of 2015. Credit: Russian government


Artist rendering depicting operations with Fregat upper stage in the spacecraft processing building in Vostochny. Click to enlarge. Credit: Roskosmos