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The front of the station sported a hatch which likely led to a docking compartment intended for incoming supply ships. Copyright © 2011 Anatoly Zak


The crew transfer section visible on the right side of the station's hull had an opening designed to accomodate a docking port (with red cover), a spacewalk hatch (facing up) and a special chamber (facing down, not installed) designed to release a capsule with film for return to Earth. Copyright © 2011 Anatoly Zak


A cone-shaped structure in the main section of the station was designed to house a downward-looking optical camera. Copyright © 2011 Anatoly Zak

Above: The body of Almaz 1-11F71B-0100-0 (Manufacturing number 0206-02) space station as of April 2011.


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The hull of the Almaz space station delivered by Excalibur-Almaz to the Island of Man, UK, in January 2011 was identified in export documentation by its manufacturer, NPO Machinostroenia as 1-11F71B-0100-0. Its manufacturing ("zavodskoi") number was shown as 0206-02.

The station's body featured a crew transfer compartment at the "tail" of the station and a front hatch, likely intended for a second docking port. The hull also had portholes in the side of the habitation section of the Almaz space station, confirming that the original purpose of Vehicle No. 206 was to accommodate a crew.

Inside, the main section of the hull featured a large circular opening connected to a conical housing for an oversized optical photo camera. In previous versions of Almaz, the Agat reconnaissance camera occupied this space. A similar feature was retained in the design of Salyut space stations.


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