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"Black Box" for the Soyuz MS spacecraft

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Information recording system (Sistema Zapisi Informatsii, SZI-M)

The upgraded information recording system, SZI-M, for Soyuz-MS was developed at AO RKS corporation in Moscow with the use of modern, domestically produced electronics. Installed under a pilot seat inside the descent module of the Soyuz, SZI-M acts as a "black box," collecting and storing a multitude of flight data, including technical information, physiological parameters of the crew members and voice communications during the descent and landing.

The reusable SZI-M system consists of two memory units and the central UN-M data recorder enclosed into a special shock-absorbent and thermal-protection case. The device can accumulate no less than four gigabytes of data and survive an impact on the ground with a speed of up to 150 meters per second. The UN-M is also designed to withstand a temperature of up to 700C degrees.

According to AO RKS, the SZI-M was intended for up to 10 flights and can be safely used for at least 100,000 recording cycles.


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"Black box" for Soyuz MS is hidden under a seat in the descent module. Click to enlarge. Credit: Roskosmos


Soyuz-MS spacecraft during pre-launch processing at Site 254 in Baikonur in June 2016. Click to enlarge. Credit: Roskosmos