The RD-0110 engine
for the third stage of the Soyuz rocket


The RD-0110 engine which powers the third stage of Soyuz rockets.

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Intended for the third stage of several rockets in the Soyuz family, including Soyuz-U and Soyuz-FG, the RD-0110 (11D55) engine descended from the RD-0107 engine, which was used on the Voskhod launcher. That engine, in turn, derived from RD-0106, which powered the second stage of the R-9 ICBM. Like most previous engines on upper stages in the Soyuz family, RD-0110 was developed at KB Khimavtomatiki design bureau, a.k.a KBKhA, in the city of Voronezh. Ya. I. Gershkovich led the design team. (145) The engine is mass produced at the Voronezh Mechanical Plant, VMZ.

Equipped with four main combustion chambers, the RD-0110 engine uses a single turbopump, feeding all chambers. The engine was designed to work in conjunction with four steering nozzles with the thrust of 6 kH. While the main chambers are fixed to the frame of the engine, steering nozzles can swivel along a single axis, providing pitch, yaw and course control for the rocket, in addition to giving some extra thrust. (331)


A combustion chamber of the RD-0110 engine during production at Voronezh Mechanical Plant in 2016.


Vernier nozzle of the RD-0110 engine during production at the Voronezh Mechanical Plant in 2016.


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Specifications for the RD-0110 engine:

Liquid oxygen
298 kH (30.4 tons) (145)
Specific impulse
3,195 meters per second (145)
Burn time
230 or 240 seconds (145)
Mass of the engine
408.5 - 410 kilograms (145)
Height of the engine
1,575 millimeters (145)
Diameter of the engine
2,240 millimeters (145)
Combustion chamber pressure
7 MPa (69 atmospheres)


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A third stage of the Soyuz rocket. Copyright © 2001 Anatoly Zak


The four-chamber RD-0110 engine, which was used for several decades on the third stage of the Soyuz family of launchers became the focus of upgrades needed to build the Soyuz-2 launcher. Copyright © 2001 Anatoly Zak


Comparison of the RD-0110 engine installed on the Soyuz rocket (left) and the RD-0124 engine designed for Soyuz-2. Click to enlarge. Copyright © 2009 Anatoly Zak


The RD-0110 engine under assembly circa 1970s.





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