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Interior of the Kliper spacecraft

In its original design, the main habitable volume onboard the Kliper would be contained inside a cone-shaped cabin structure. The lower half of the cabin would be enclosed within the main fuselage, while the top half would be covered with special protective shield. The cabin carried all avionics, flight control, and life-support systems.

By the beginning of 2006, the cabin took a cylindrical shape. The crew members would now sit in pairs in three rows, instead of previous two rows with two pilots in front and four passengers behind.




General view of the flight control deck inside the development mockup of the Kliper spacecraft. Copyright © 2005 Anatoly Zak

The internal hatch separating Kliper's reentry vehicle and the habitation module. Copyright © 2005 Anatoly Zak

Light switches on the aft bulkhead of the main cabin inside the Kliper spacecraft. Copyright © 2005 Anatoly Zak

Pressure-control system in the cabin of the Kliper spacecraft. Copyright © 2005 Anatoly Zak